Current availability and Prices for 2018

Lillie 4 Berth Pet-free Leys y Maisy 6 Berth Pet-friendly Roanhead 6 Berth Pet-friendly


Lillie Sun-Sun Thu-Thu Sun-Thu Thu-Sun Leys y Maisy Sat-Sat Tue-Tue Sat-Tue Tue-Sat Roanhead Fri-Fri Mon-Mon Fri-Mon Mon-Fri
25th February£495£495£380£380 24th February£565£565£420£420 23rd February£620£620£450£450
2nd March Fri-Mon£525£525£395£395 2nd March Fri-Mon£600£600£440£440 2nd March Fri-Mon£660£660£475£475
11th March£525£525£395£395 10th March£600£600£440£440 9th March£660£660£475£475
22nd March£575£575£425£425 17th March£660£660£475£475 16th March£720£720£510£510
25th March£625£625£450£450 24th March£715£715£505£505 23rd March£785£785£550£550
1st April£625£625£450£450 31st March 3 nights Sat-Tue£715£715£505£505 2nd April£785£785£550£550
8th April£675£675£480£480 7th April£775£775£540£540 6th April£815£815£565£565
19th April£675£675£480£480 17th April£775£775£540£540 16th April£815£815£565£565
26th April£675£675£480£480 21st April£775£775£540£540 20th April£815£815£565£565
3rd May 3 nights Thu-Sun£675£675£480£480 1st May 4 nights Tue-Sat£775£775£540£540 30th April 7 nights Mon-Mon, 4 nights Mon-Fri£815£815£565£565
6th May£700£700£495£495 8th May£800£800£555£555 4th May£875£875£600£600
17th May£725£725£510£510 12th May£830£830£570£570 11th May£900£900£615£615
20th May 4 nights Sun-Thu£725£725£510£510 19th May£830£830£570£570 18th May£900£900£615£615
31st May 7 nights Thu-Thu, 3 nights Thu-Sun £750£750£525£525 26th May£860£860£585£585 25th May 3 nights Fri-Mon£925£925£630£630
3rd June£750£750£525£525 2nd June£860£860£585£585 1st June£925£925£630£630
14th June£750£750£525£525 9th June£860£860£585£585 8th June£925£925£630£630
17th June£775£775£540£540 16th June£885£885£600£600 15th June£950£950£645£645
24th June£775£775£540£540 23rd June£885£885£600£600 22nd June£950£950£645£645
1st July£800£800£550£550 3rd July£910£910£615£615 29th June£975£975£655£655
8th July£825£825£565£565 7th July£930£930£625£625 6th July£995£995£670£670
19th July£825£825£565£565 14th July 3 nights Sat-Tue£930£930£625£625 13th July£995£995£670£670
26th July£825£825£565£565 21st July£930£930£625£625 20th July 3 nights Fri-Mon£995£995£670£670
29th July£825£825£565£565 31st July£930£930£625£625 30th July£995£995£670£670
5th August£825£825£565£565 7th August£930£930£625£625 3rd August£995£995£670£670
12th August£825£825£565£565 11th August£930£930£625£625 10th August£995£995£670£670
19th August£825£825£565£565 18th August£930£930£625£625 20th August£995£995£670£670
26th August£825£825£565£565 25th August£930£930£625£625 24th August£995£995£670£670
2nd September£800£800£550£550 1st September£910£910£615£615 31st August£975£975£655£655
9th September£775£775£540£540 8th September£885£885£600£600 7th September 3 nights Fri-Mon£950£950£645£645
16th September£725£725£510£510 15th September£830£830£570£570 14th September£900£900£615£615
23rd September£695£695£490£490 22nd September£795£795£550£550 21st September£870£870£595£595
30th September£660£650£465£465 29th September£745£745£520£520 28th September£815£815£565£565
7th October£595£595£435£435 6th October£680£680£485£485 5th October£745£745£525£525
14th October£595£595£435£435 13th October£680£680£485£485 12th October£745£745£525£525
21st October£595£595£435£435 20th October£680£680£485£485 19th October£745£745£525£525
28th October£550£550£410£410 27th October£650£650£455£455 26th October£685£685£490£490
4th November£550£550£410£410 3rd November£650£650£455£455 2nd November£685£685£490£490


Lounge All prices are inclusive of diesel, gas, firewood (Lillie only) and parking for crew members.

Unless otherwise stated weekly prices quoted are for 7 nights starting from either 3pm Sunday or Thursday until 10am the following Sunday or Thursday for Lillie, from 3pm Saturday or Tuesday until 10am the following Saturday or Tuesday on Leys y Maisy and from 3pm Friday or Monday until 10am the following Friday or Monday on Roanhead. Unless otherwise stated short breaks are from 3pm Sunday to 10am Thursday or from 3pm Thursday to 10 am Sunday on Lillie, from 3pm Saturday to 10am Tuesday or from 3pm Tuesday to 10am Saturday on Leys y Maisy, from 3pm Friday to 10am Monday or from 3pm Monday to 10am Friday on Roanhead.

We try to be as flexible as possible so if you require a different start day or duration to those above please get in touch and we will do the best we can to meet your needs.

A 10% discount will be given for any second consecutive week.

It is an insurance requirement that either a passport or drivers licence and a utility bill (less than 6 months old) are seen at the time of hire. A £200 refundable deposit is also required at the time of hire. This will be returned provided the boat is brought back undamaged, clean and on time.